OA 41

Here are some handy forms that you will need for OA Events in our Lodge.



Medical Form - Please download, fill out & sign a BSA Medical Form (parts A&B). Bring this with you to ALL OA events.
2017 Friendship Powwow - Saturday, February 11, 2017 - Registration: 8:00 am – 8:30 am REGISTERNOW(Online Registration and Walk-In Registration)


2017 Rush Copley Health-Plex Lock-In - March 4th, (8pm) to March 5th*, (7am), 2017 - REGISTERNOW(Online Registration Only)

Lock-In Information Flier / Youth Waiver & Forms / BSA Medical Form (You need to bring your BSA health form parts A&B.)

2017 Spring Fellowship ONLINE Registration - June 2-4, 2017 - Camp Freeland Leslie, Oxford, WI - Available April 2017
2017 Fall Fellowship ONLINE Registration - Sept 8-10, 2017 - Camp Big Timber, Elgin, IL - Available July 2017
2017 OA Fellowship Paper Registration - To bring with you to the Fellowship for ONSITE/Walk-In Registration if you were unable to register online.
Churches & Places of Worship near Camp Freeland Leslie, Oxford, WI.
Churches & Places of Worship near Rochelle, IL. (BSA Adventure Camp)
Here is a list of work project equipment to bring if you have any of these items. Please label them with your name! WORK PROJECT EQUIPMENT NEEDS



2017 Ordeal Candidate Letter - Letter explaining to candidates about Ordeal

2017 Ordeal Candidate Registration Form - For candidates to register for their Ordeal at Spring or Fall Fellowship if they are unable to register online.

2017 CFL - Ordeal Candidate Registration Form - Use THIS FORM for ALL Ordeals wishing to being done up at CFL this summer.  Done on Wed-Thurs during Boy Scout weeks.

2017 OA at CFL - Information about the OA at Camp Freeland Leslie

2017 Out of Council - Call Out Form - For Troops going to a NON-Three Fires Camp who wish to have their OA elected Ordeal candidates called out at that camp. (The actual Ordeal must be completed at a TFC Event - Spring/Fall Fellowships or CFL Summer Camp.)

2017 Ordeal Candidate - Equipment Letter - What you need to bring to your Ordeal



2017 Brotherhood Registration - For registering for a Brotherhood Conversion (eligibility is 10+ months after completing your Ordeal Ceremony)

2017 CFL Brotherhood Registration Form - Use THIS FORM for ALL Brotherhood Conversions up at CFL this summer. Done each Monday during Boy Scout weeks.

2017 Brotherhood Letter - Letter

2017 Brotherhood Workbook - Workbook



2017 Vigil Nomination Form - Nomination Form - Due by May 19, 2017 to the Vigil Committee (Available 2017)

2017 Founders Award Petition - Due by September 10, 2017



2017 Lodge Membership Dues - REGISTERNOW - You may also transfer your OA membership to our lodge using this link!

1st Year Arrowman Award Application - 1st Year Arrowman Award - Lowaneu Allanque Lodge - How to earn this award!

TFC Lodge Callout Ceremony - For Ceremony Teams

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