From: Steve Kohn and Jan Lundsteen, co-chairment of the CBT Repair and Maintainance committee.

We will be working Saturday, August 19th & 26th. We’ll start at 8AM, with lunch to be provided at noon. We have many projects that need to be completed so if you don’t have any special skill we can still use the help.  In the next several weeks we do have special needs for an electrician, a mason, a painter, and a roofer.  If you have these skills please contact Art Styles at 847.687.4168 The more the merrier. Please come out and join us.

Arrowmen - Below is a current status report on Camp Big Timber. This is the camp where you will be holding courses and conclaves for the foreseeable future. You might want to consider carving out some time to make the camp look and work as good as possible. There are some major improvements in the works. Come and help.

You can see more on CBT by going to the "Camp Big Timber, Three Fires Council, BSA" Facebook page.  Please request to join so you can track the progress on the camp.


Camp Big Timber R&M Report for Week Ending August 6th, 2017

On Saturday, August 5th, we picked up tree trimmings from the previous work sessions. We picked up about 60% of the trimmings that were down and moved it to a pile by the tree house. Once the rest of the trimmings are moved we’ll rent a chipper and carpet the area under the tree house with chips. We are scheduled to resume removal of these tree limbs on Monday, August 7, at 8AM. Join us if you can, and bring gloves.

Once the trimmings were removed from around the wind row between the T-Lodge and Ansel buildings we were able to mow through that area. I don't remember that area ever being mowed in the years I've been going to CBT. I will take pictures on Monday and post them on the CBT Facebook page.

During the week the benches at the fire bowl received a final coat of stain. All that remains is to top off the gravel between the benches and the fire bowl will be compete.  Yes, the benches have been finished by the R&M committee.Also during the last week the R&M crew rented a jackhammer and broke up the concrete slab by the back door of the Ansel building. The old slab was cracked and pitched towards the building. It will be replaced with a larger pad. That's a future project.

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